Present issues of your generation
and help the politicians to change your world for better.

The value of the project

CaSYPoT project focuses on cooperation of different actors: local and regional authorities, universities, NGOs, etc. in the field of youth questions. The main goal is to improve cross-border cooperation capacity of local ERB actors through creating joint knowledge-based strategic youth policy.

Through cross-border cooperation the project partners will develop joint solutions for young people, to improve their lives in the local communities. We want to investigate what the young people think, what do they need and use their opinions and input to develop tools for local authorities to include youth in the decision making process and improve their participation. This way the local actors will not only work on youth issues, but they will gain new knowledge and experience in cross-border cooperation.

The partner municipalities will carry out a survey among teenagers to identify their needs and problems, providing comparable data. It is a form of sharing good practice, as the survey has been formerly developed and implemented in Sweden. Now it is adjusted to the national contexts of other countries. The obtained results will be analysed by universities and compared between the countries. Based on them joint knowledge-based youth strategy will be created in ERB as well as in the participating municipalities. It will allow to address several youth problems in the South Baltic area. Additionally, more tools for maintaining dialogue with youth and increasing their participation will be developed and tested.

The idea was started by Euroregion Baltic stakeholders in order to improve the opportunities for young people in the area, and it was developed during a seed money project SYPERB – Strategic Youth Policies in EuroRegion Baltic in years 2012-2015, which was carried out with financial support from the Swedish Institute. The project led to submitting a successful application of CaSYPoT to the South Baltic Programme.

Since 1st July 2016 CaSYPoT project is implemented under the Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014-2020, partly financed from ERDF. Meanwhile a twin project CaSYPoT-Ru is implemented in order to secure including actors from Kaliningrad Region (Russia) in the cooperation. It is carried out with financial support from the Swedish Institute.

What is it all about?

We are researchers from universities in the Euroregion Baltic area.

We will collect information about the young people, from the listed cities in, Sweden, Poland, Russia and Lithuania through the designed surveys.

Academic researchers in the Euroregion Baltic area will then present the results to (local) politicians.

Thanks to this politicians can assist young people in these different areas of their life:

Who will be involved?

This project will involve people from the four different nations of Sweden, Poland, Russia and Lithuania as well as politicians, local government activists, and Youth NGO workers and researchers.


the high school pupils - these young views can have significant value.


they collect and process the information, building knowledge to develop well-qualified actions in response.


local governments answer the voice of the young generation and suggest positive changes on a local level.

How to participate?

It’s easy! If you are a student in Bartoszyce, Slupsk, Gusev, Svetlagorsk, Klaipeda, Emmaboda you can post your opinion and view it on the forum.

We guarantee that your views will be heard!

What do we already know

The project started in mid-2016 the surveys are carried out in schools in April-May 2017

When we receive results from surveys we will display them here.