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CaSYPoT will help municipalities to get information about young people, thus enabling  the youth to influence their life and the area they live in.

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Through CaSYPoT survey the researchers will receive information helping them to understand core issues faced by youth of today.

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CaSYPoT is a project specifically designed for youth from four countries of the Baltic Sea Region: Sweden, Lithuania, Russia and Poland. The aim is to collect information about youngsters’ lives and issues, in order to find the best solutions. If you live in one of the municipalities participating in the project, you can tell us through a survey carried out at schools, about your needs and the challenges you face in your everyday life. Based on the results of the survey, politicians, researchers and Youth NGO workers will be able to help you!

Fill in the project survey if you are between 15 and 17 years old. Your school will allow you to fill out the survey anonymously via a digital platform or by means of a paper questionnaire. You can also go to the website forum where you can share your opinions with young people from other countries.


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CaSYPoT local and cross-border reports

The conference that took place in the City of Słupsk on December 11-13th CaSYPoT was the chance to present the CaSYPoT local and cross-border reports. The results of the surveys carried out among teenagers in the municipalities involved in the project have been analysed and compared by universities. Based on them joint knowledge-based youth strategy will be […]

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Youth and Safety: How often do you feel safe in the following places?

Experienced safety, trust and exposure to crime does not correlate in any of the municipalities. How should these inconsistencies be interpreted? What is a relevant action plan for the municipalities with that in mind? Which is a more important issue for the municipalities to work with?   www.http://casypot.eu/reports/

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Youth and Political Interest: Do you want to be a part of and make decisions on questions that concerns your municipality?

Political interest does not correlate with political activity. Which aspect (interest or activity) is more important for the municipalities and the youth respectively? How can the municipalities influence an increase in interest or activity? Read more about Youth and Political interest on www.casypot.eu/reports/

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Youth and Work: Could you imagine starting your business in the future?

What does ”work” mean in the different contexts? Why are the youth taking up (or not taking up) work in the different countries, what motivates the youth to take up work? Who is working in the different countries – the privileged or the under privileged? You can find all these answers on www.casypot.eu/reports/

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Do you think you will move away from the municipality in which you live?

A majority of the young people want to move away from the municipalities they now live in. What conclusions should be drawn from that? Is it a good thing that young people want new experiences, or is it a problem that they want to go live somewhere else? How should the municipalities react? Read more […]

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